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Auto Transmission Troubles

What is a Transmission and How it Works - An automatic transmission system in our vehicle has hundreds or thousands of inter-connected parts or components that always keeps on running, moving, rubbing, heating up and interacting with other external and internal parts of our vehicle system. As there are so many components in the transmission mechanism and each of those components are continually remain in exposure to heat and friction - it is quite natural that our transmission parts will face more wear and tear than any other, regular cum simpler mechanisms found in our vehicle system. So it's very common to have an auto transmission trouble or problem for a vehicle owner.

Troubles with Automatic Transmissions - If your vehicle is encountering any kind of transmission problems, it is very important to trace it early as possible before it becomes a more drastic - and a much costlier issue. If you have started experiencing any type of symptoms in your vehicle transmission like shifting delays during transmission, transmission jumping, grinding or slipping during acceleration, vehicle shaking at any speed, a burnt smell coming from the vehicle, visibly fluid leaking, fluid dipstick is thick, cloudy or smelling foul etc, we recommend you to bring your vehicle for a quick transmission inspection and service as soon as possible.

Techspine Transmissions - If a vehicle user is facing any kind of automatic transmission problems or troubles can get quick and efficient transmission services from Techspine Transmissions. Techspine Transmissions is a trusted & reliable auto transmission shop located in Delran NJ and is currently serving in more than 25 nearby cities. Not only this, engineers working here are experienced and certified enough as per auto industry standards. If you need any kind of service related to your vehicle transmission, just call on the toll-free number given on our website and get an absolutely free towing facility, doorstep delivery after job, free computerized wheel alignment, 12 months/12.000 miles warranty and more.

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Transmission Services - We Offer

Transmission Rebuild

Your vehicle automatic transmission may not be working now as per your expectations, but it will as soon as our experienced engineers deploy the rebuild. Get it now.

Transmission Repair

If facing any sluggish performance with your vehicle transmission, get it inspected as soon as possible to avoid any severe damage to it in coming days.

Transmission Flush

A transmission flush depends on the use of the vehicle. If a vehicle is used for heavy towing or does a lot of mountain driving, then a flush is necessary for transmission health.

Transmission Service

It's very important to service a transmission regularly as newly changed fluid regains the holding capacity between the reducing slip, clutches and heat production.

Transmission Slipping

Transmission slipping doesn’t at all means that your vehicle is about to fail, but it is an important signal that you should get it inspected at by a nearby transmission repair shop asap.

Transmission Tune Up

A transmission tune-up can also be known as a transmission service which generally comprises of changing the filter, fluid, gasket and draining out the pieces of shrapnel.

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Automatic Transmissions Slipping

What is Automatic Transmission Slipping - Transmission remains in a required gear until a shift is implemented by the driver (manual transmission) or by the computer (automatic transmission). If your vehicle's transmission is slipping spontaneously simply popping into neutral (or in and out of gear) while driving, it will be true to say that it's a serious risk to your safety.

In such type of conditions, our experts can perform a thorough check of your vehicle transmission and can diagnose the actual issue. After which the issue can be repaired accordingly.

Automatic Transmission Troubles

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Automatic Transmission Tune Up

Top 5 important signs to be noticed in your vehicle:

  • Transmission making strange noises like grinding or others.
  • Experiencing regular problems while automatic gear shifting by transmission.
  • Any slippage is seen during the gear shifting.
  • Unexplained surging of your vehicle.
  • An unexpected delay in the movement of the vehicle after placing the gear.

Listed above are some important symptoms generated by transmission. And it's a warning that the transmission is about to going in some serious trouble shortly. Timely Tune-up can avoid any further damage to your vehicle transmission. So it is sincerely advised to take your vehicle to a repair shop for a proper checkup and automatic transmission tune-up. For this, you may call on our automatic transmission service helpline number for a quick and effective response.

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Cost of Transmission Repair

Obviously, an automatic transmission which needs to be rebuilt, replaced or repaired is always expensive. It will be very much true to say that a cost of transmission repair can't be pre-determined in any of the cases. Actually, it always depends upon the condition of transmission, how much repair is to be done and how many old components needs replacement play an important role in the cost calculation for a transmission repair. So if you need to know the actual cost of transmission repair, asked our expert to have an inspection of your vehicle transmission by calling on our toll-free helpline number right now.

Auto Transmission Troubles

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